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Tackling contaminated oil, solvents and water in the nuclear industry

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Eco friendly organic waste removal with no sludge.

From mixed, organic and radioactive wastes that are unstable, hazardous to the environment and difficult to destroy…

…to a simpler, safer and cost-effective future for waste management in nuclear power.

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Arvia water treatment plant

Our Solution

Put simply, we design and develop treatment equipment for the removal of oils and solvents from water.  

Our offering includes a complete engineered ‘plug and play’ solution, called the Nyex™-a, which is highly mobile and can be deployed rapidly as a skid-mounted or containerised plant for the removal of organic contaminants.

The image shows a specialist Nyex™-a treatment system used by Magnox in the nuclear industry.

Treatment Process

During treatment, the radioactive oily waste is mixed with water and an organic emulsifying agent. This mixture is then passed through a bed of highly conductive adsorbent media within the Nyex™-a system. A low electrical current is applied which effectively oxidises the organics and transfers the radioactivity into the water phase.

The clean radioactive water is discharged from the system and can be managed with no additional costs through existing active effluent treatment plants (AETPs).

Arvia nuclear treatment process

Our Product Benefits

The benefits of our process is as follows:

Plug and Play

Our Nyex treatment system has been designed to slot in with existing treatment processes. It can be a containerised solution.

Environmentally Friendly

Use local site discharge consent to dispose of the oil-free water through active drains, avoiding transporting the waste for specialist treatment or incineration.

Low Maintenance

Simple plug and play system with no moving parts or complex maintenance.

Robust and Reliable

99.9% of organics destroyed, operates at room temperature and pressure with very little activity detected in the gaseous phase.

Low Operational Cost

Simply integrate and add electricity with no chemical dosing or secondary wastes to manage.

No Toxic Sludge

All organics are destroyed in the treatment process meaning no by products are produced, so no incineration of waste required.

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Arvia Technology

Arvia Nuclear’s parent company is Arvia Technology. You can read all about our parent company here or watch this video to learn more about our process.

Our Expert Team

Our expert team of water technology specialists was formed from a spin out from Manchester University technology research team.

Dr Mikael Khan - Arvia

Dr Mikael Khan

Head of Sales

Dr Nigel Brown

Founder Director