Our Services

We offer a range of services to support your individual treatment requirements. These services include:

Water Testing and Analysis

We test your contaminated oils, solvents and water with our patented Nyex system.

Treatment Trials

Treatment technology sizing and energy consumptions are optimised to inform the most cost-effective treatment plan.

Treatment Technologies Consultations

Technologies recommended include a range of processes including Arvia's Nyex™.

Plant Rental

Depending on your circumstances it may suit you to rent one of our Nyex™ systems, rather than buying it.

Sample testing

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Our Specialities

We are experts in treatment of organics from water, including removal of oil, solvents or other organics.

Removal of Radioactive Oil

We can remove radioactive oil from legacy waste, new build or defence applications.

Removal of Radioactive Solvents

We remove organic solvents which are radioactive without producing any toxic by-products.

Removal of Organic Waste from Radioactive Water

We remove organic contaminants from your radioactive wastewater using our Nyex system.